Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good News ...Bad News

After days of holding my breath in anxious anticipation over what would be the financial burden of my recent adventure with a stop sign, today I got my answer: $120.

Whew. Huge sigh. Deeeeeeeeeeep breath. Exhale. Relief.

The lucky part (beyond the obvious that no other car was involved and that my own wasn’t seriously damaged) is that the sign itself is intact. (Apparently, those cost some bucks.) The breakaway post and other materials – I’m assuming concrete – make up more than half that cost per our city’s street director. I saw somewhere online that the posts sell for something like $10/lf. So, all in all, that doesn’t sound out of line to me.

This also means that I don’t have to complete a “motorist report” for the state as the requirement is if “any one vehicle, person, or personal property sustains at least $500 in damages.” Doesn’t apply here, so skip it!

If only the situation with Toby was going that well. He went BALLISTIC after a pilling attempt last night. I was so tempted to throw him out in the snow it wasn’t even funny. I’ve never felt that way about an animal before. Never. And, it made for another long night at This D*mn House, even after we finally got him confined to the bathroom. The scary part is that I don't even think it was just the pilling attempt. He was just spoilin' for a fight. (This is one of the primary reasons he's on the meds to begin with!)

The mother is supposed to pick up the piller at the vet today. We’ll see if that happens. And if it makes any difference. I honestly don’t know WHAT we’re going to do if it doesn’t. There’s some kind of spray that the vet is currently out of. Maybe she can add some of that to his current prescription. Hmmm…

I read a post online from some woman who was criticizing people for wrapping cats in blankets or towels to pill them. She was ranting about how much stress that causes the cat. Well, honey, anytime you want you just come on by and take on this piranha with fur – sans beach towel – and we’ll see how much the ensuing plastic surgery you’ll require is going to cost.