Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Small Box of Treasures

A Cutco cookbook, every bit of 40 years old (likely older) like brand new.
A microwave cookbook – inscribed to “my favorite aunt” – dated 1978.
One of two vintage Pyrex pie plates, identical to my grandmother’s.
A collection of like-new microwaveable storage containers.
A Cadillac emblem key fob from a now defunct local dealership.

These made up the small box of treasures that I arrived home with last night.

I picked up Pearl from the shop and ideally, she is fixed. (One purge valve solenoid and vacuum hose later.) If she passes emissions on Friday, then all will be well.

I arrived home unable to pull in and under the carport because my godmother was in the driveway. The mother had said that she and my baby cousin might come by. (My baby cousin in her early 30s.) She had stopped by en route to my late great uncle’s house which is slated for closing next week. She got to see some of the many things that the mother has been busily creating for the restaurant – and she saw her new room signs and loved them! *grin*

I went over help them work on going through things at the house. We managed to go through every drawer and cabinet in the kitchen. Small though it may be, that kitchen is LOADED with cabinets. (Wish I had that much storage.) We managed to clear out all but four shelves worth of glassware. Looks like that’s where we’ll pick up tonight.

I carted two bags of trash to the garage which I’ll take out to the curb on trash day. I’m sure I’ll be adding to that collection tonight.

The mother was thrilled to get the new Cutco book (hers is in tatters) and couldn’t help but smile at the book she had given to my great aunt more than 30 years ago.

There were two pie plates. My baby cousin took one and I, the other. The mother thinks it’s entirely possible that these may have been my grandmother’s anyway, these other two ones that had gotten lost between sisters (my grandmother and her only sibling) decades ago. In any case, I’m glad to have it. I scrubbed it up and put it with grandma’s known plates last night. It seems to belong there.

We had some serious laughs at some of the things that emerged from random drawers and I couldn’t help but think how funny some of my own drawer contents might look if laid bare, without my presence to explain some of them.

I had hoped we could finish the kitchen last night but there was a lot more stuff than I thought. And there are still several closets, a basement and a garage to pick through. OUCH!
So, my TV-viewing plans are being pre-empted. I’ll be back in duty tonight, likely getting up close and personal with some of my own family history,

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