Saturday, February 6, 2010

The No-Show Snow

That's not entirely accurate. We did get snow -- just nothing near the original 3-5 inches or even the later downgraded 1-3. And that's A-OK with me. Makes me pity those of you in the D.C./Baltimore area.

All hype. No show. Perfect when you're talking about snow.

This means the mother and I are back on the road again. She in search of God only knows what for the restaurant. Our adventures will span both sides of the Mississippi.

Later today, I'll be in the neighborhood of both MonkeyGirl and Sewwhat. So, if you think you see Pearl, you just might! Hi in advance.


Mom 2 Many said...

Sounds like your snow is like ours. We were to get 6-12, and lkely in the middle. We ended up with 6. Been waiting for snow now that we don't have to park a block away and my teen son has a plow he's dying to use. Have fun this weekend! I'm staying inside staying warm!

MonkeyGirl said...

I guess you were making a trip to what Sewwhat and I refer to as the "bad store" or OTP? I was there yesterday and I think it is starting to get a little pathetic. Good luck in your adventures!

Anonymous said...

We had to abandon our little house tonight. All this snow is very heavy and we are without power and heat. I like to mock my fellow DC dwellers because I grew up in Chicago and know what snow is REALLY like. But this? This is serious stuff. It was up to my hips in the backyard.

I'm glad you were spared :)

Kate said...

Though I usually love snow, this time ... not so much. It was very wet & very heavy. Even so, it drifted like crazy, 12-18" drifts in my driveway that HAD to be shoveled. And 2' of packed snow at the end of the driveway from the street being plowed. I was not happy! Knowing how YOU feel about snow - I am so glad you were spared.

NV said...

M2M -- Definitely stay in and let the kid plow!

MG -- Yes, the bad store. They are running a little light to be sure. Of course, the store in Fairview is practically empty. Talk about pathetic.

Jen -- OMG! Here's hoping things have improved dramatically for you and the girls!

Kate -- Aw, thanks, Kate! Now I hate snow even more than usual. :-)

Anonymous said...