Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Kind of Day

The alarm went off a bit earlier than I'd like for a Saturday and the bank drive-thru wasn't open at 8 (though I was there), but it was otherwise a VERY good day!

Pearl and I made record time in arriving at the MonkeyGirl's, XM's "First Wave" cranked the whole way. She had a surprise for me (I won't steal her thunder though) that slightly altered our morning plans. I got to love Coal the Lab and meet the new baby granddaughter.

We arrived at the crop (the annual Marathon Crop which lasts all day) shortly after it began. Mama Martha joined us a little later. And what an awesome day!

It was just the kind of day I needed -- laughing and playing with friends. What a fabulous way to unwind and recharge after the crazy, wacky, draining past few weeks.

I have a feeling I'll be making up for it tomorrow. But that's OK. I need to get back on track anway. There's so much to be done it's really daunting.

At least now I'm energized enough to take it all on. Thanks MG and MM for an awesome day.


Why S? said...

I've often wondered who those people at the bank at 8 am are.

I'm glad you had fun.

michael~ said...

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Anonymous said...

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MonkeyGirl said...

I had a blast! Sorry that I missed part of the day but it was so worth it! Love ya!

Mama Martha said...

It was great to see you & catch up on talk & photos. See you in April!

Anonymous said...