Monday, February 8, 2010

Ladybird vs. Stop Sign

So I'm waiting for the police.

Nearly two hours ago, I slid into a stop sign. It was better than hitting the little blue car in front of me that had slid out of control and then went sliding around the corner and on its way. He had started to fish tail but was able to correct himself (or slow down enough) to make the curve.

I started trying to stop as soon as I saw him whip around. I almost made it. Almost.

I went straight to avoid him, was stopping (from about 15-20 mph) but got into a slide I couldn't escape. If I had been able to stop just a foot shorter, there'd have been no incident. As it was, the bumper connected with the stop sign and kncoked it down. Cracked a little bit of paint on the bumper.

Like I said, just enough to make an incident of it. Glad that's all it was but dreading dealing with the police, insurance, etc. The good news is that it wasn't Pearl. Grateful for that and that no other car was involved. Of course, I think Pearl would have stopped. Ladybird is a notorious slider.

I didn't realize it was that slick out or I'd have just ridden the bus.



Kate said...

Definitely a bummer but so glad to hear it wasn't worse.

kaypasa2001 said...


Anonymous said...

At least you're okay. As you stated, it could have been worse. It sucks that there is paperwork to deal with even for a little thing like a stop sign.

Anonymous said...

The REALLY good news is that YOU didn't get hurt! In this weather, anything's possible. I'm so glad you're okay!

MonkeyGirl said...

Bummer! I'm sure this will be a stress inducing incident ;-(

Vicki said...

:( Glad you weren't hurt, or the car, but that just stinks to have to deal with. Pray for me as I'm driving hubby to work tomorrow. The main roads are clear but the parking lot and my neighborhood might be a little tricky. I do have 4WD, but the fishtailing and slide stopping is what worries me. I hope it doesn't cost too much to replace the sign!

NV said...

Thanks, everyone! Tomorrow I put on my big girl pants and call the city ... here's hoping this isn't too awful.

Vicki -- GOOD LUCK and be careful out there!

Anonymous said...

NO FUN!  I'll bet the city is understanding and lets it go.

I got here from the "NEXT BLOG" tab, just like you've written about.  Very interesting, NV.  I'll be checking back, for sure.

Anonymous said...