Friday, February 26, 2010


I am filled with stories today -- but am also exhausted and sore. (No, no. Don't get your hopes up. Hauling boxes upstairs and hopping in and out of a truckbed nearly as tall as me will do that to ya.)

But I thought I'd share a few updates since I'm not so sure I'm capable of really good story-telling at the moment and not being one to want to waste a really good story ... you get snippets instead.

Except for one, I've had to have every car I've ever owned emission-tested. (The exception was my Chevy Beretta. By the time the state caught up with that registration, I had already junked the car.) In the midst of engine-light hell with Pearl, a testing notice came. So, last Friday I had her tested. AND SHE PASSED! And it took all of 15 seconds. Having to wait just a few minutes for the single car ahead of me, it almost took longer for me to get out and then back in the car than it did for the test itself.

And ... still no engine light. I plan to be doing a fair amount of driving this weekend so that should be the true test of whether the purge valve solenoid was to blame. Cross your fingers.
If you do a lot of online shopping, sign up for You can get a bonus for everything you buy. I recently bought a new coat -- at a bargain price -- from and scored 600 points! And then, they made me an offer on an Entertainment Book. (If you have kids, they've probably sold these at some point.) It's essentially a huge book of coupons to businesses in your local area.
I'm already ahead of the game. For my $20, the book comes with six $5 off coupons at my local grocery store. there are a TON of BOGO admissions to different sites and events as well as free and discounted entrees at area restaurants. If planned out well, I can easily get 1o times my investment back!
We have a diffrent cat. Toby was quite sick earlier in the week but is now doing much better.
He hasn't had pills for a few days as a result, but even that process is going much better.
He is even demanding that the mother pet him and laying directly next to her on the sofa. He's even letting me pet and scratch him WITHOUT immediately running away. I'm wondering if the vet didn't perform a lobotomy after all.
A certain dear friend of mine visited the family's new restaurant yesterday. I haven't spoken with her yet to hear about the experience but I heard last night that she took my godmother a little flower plant. PB, how sweet are you?! She was so disappointed that she didn't get to meet you. (She was home with a sick grandkid.)
This story led the mother to tell her that "all of those girls" that befriended me in high school are "just so good" and she recounted the many great things that the MonkeyGirls and CD have done to help out and how all those many years ago, they all rallied around me when Steven died. My godmother told me that I have some awesome friends.
Yes, I sure do.


plumbelieve said...

Hi NV, The place had a cozy nice feel to it. There were ladders and men working on the outside, so you could see improvements on the horizon. I saw the older Josephine and Timothy rooms and your new ones will look great.

I was happy to bring a little Spring to your godmother. We could all use it. Today is not so bad.

The food was delicious.

Anonymous said...