Monday, September 27, 2010

And Fall Arrives

Brrrr …It’s 40-something this morning. Pitch black. Damp. Fall has clearly arrived. I am appropriately clad in sweater and jacket – but with open-toed shoes. (I said fall has arrived -- I didn't say I'd accepted that yet. My grip on summer is unclenching gradually.)

On the plus side, I was greeted with a gorgeous sky twinkling with stars when I took the trash out this morning. I hadn’t seen a night sky so clear and free of clouds in weeks.

It was a gorgeous day on Saturday. One I spent working all day in the yard. It actually looks quite nice. Even my neighbors (one one side of the block anyway) have all their edging done, too, so all of our yards look nicely coiffed.

Yesterday was rainy and cool. While the mother and I didn’t head out until early afternoon, it was still misting as we started our shopping adventure. While it eventually stopped and the sky even cleared and brightened a bit, we didn’t glimpse sunshine until we were on our way home, about an hour before sunset.

The seasonal change is wreaking havoc with my sinuses. The inside of my nose feels like someone has gone through first, with a mixmaster and quickly followed it up with a blow torch. I sure hope this is not another infection coming on. Unfortunately for me, that’s one of the hallmarks of fall.

The mother has painting on her agenda for the week as it is supposed to be dry and mild clear through next weekend. We’ll see if that forecast bears out. I won’t hold my breath.


Mama Martha said...

Hope your toes didn't freeze this morning. I had sweater, jacket & closed-toed shoes. I'm such a cold weather wimp! Rather be home in my sweats.

Joanne said...

Jealous in Virginia Beach!

Joanne said...

Jealous in Virginia Beach!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rain Nicole... I hear you on the sinus issue, these 30 degree temperature swings are killer.

I pulled up our weather maps for the week and my eyes almost popped out of my skull.... Did I read that right low 40's....unreal but typical Ohio weather for this time of the year.

Anonymous said...

The cooler temps sound wonderful to me right now. Of course we are slowly (very slowly) getting into our beautiful time of year so I shouldn't complain. For contrast, it's 102 right now...