Thursday, September 30, 2010


It’s the last day of September and it feels more like spring. Fine by me. I’ll take it!

It’s at or near 60, some 10-15 degrees warmer than it’s been on recent mornings. I’m grateful for that as I now have two jackets hanging on the back of the door at the office. Not doing me much good there, are they?

It’s supposed to cool down again though in the next few days. I’m hoping that it’s not by that much as I am taking some time off in the next week. I thought I’d use the beginning of the month to start whittling away at my remaining vacation time. I was stunned to realize that I’ve only taken HALF of it – and there are just a few months left in the year.

So, I’m going to fix that by taking Monday, Tuesday and Friday off next week, followed by the Monday after that. That means I’ll have two consecutive extended weekends. They will be anything but “time off,” that’s for sure. I need to work on the driveway before we lose the last of the warmth. And I need to finish sanding cabinet doors. (After more than a year, I’m sick of it. Completely. At least one project has to get done around here. Soon!)

Then it will be generally cleaning and clearing out. So, I see two trips in my immediate future. One will be to Salvation Army to unload us of those things which are no longer necessary yet in too good of shape to discard. The other will be to Hardware Heaven, (and likely, a total of FOUR different hardware stores.)

Yep. Just like the weather, things are warming up around here again!

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Kate@TwentySixToLife said...

Fun! Time off is always great! :)