Friday, September 24, 2010

Slow but Steady Progress

No beautiful views this morning. (Which is a shame in the wake of a full moon.)

Nope. Just a steady rain and black skies today.

The foundation is painted! When I got home last night, the mother was just finishing the side of the house, covered by the carport. That’s a good thing because it started raining sometime overnight. That means that all the paint not protected from the elements (meaning around the whole rest of the house) had at least 8 hours to dry. That’s a very good thing.

Between last weekend’s scrubbing, and a fresh coat of white paint along its base, the house is looking pretty good. It would look a lot better if the grass wasn’t overgrown. But that’s a job for tomorrow.

I don’t know that we’ll get anything else done beyond yardwork on Saturday. It should be a pleasant enough day (sunny and 75) but we’re supposed to be getting down into the 50s starting tonight. (Brrr. That’s about as cold as I want to see.)

Sunday is supposed to be a total wash-out which means it will either be a day of rest – or we’ll turn our attention inside.

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