Thursday, September 9, 2010

Catchin' Up

Apparently, there have been a few changes while I’ve been gone. Either that, or I’ve awakened in another world.

The jackass in the truck who usually takes up at least two spaces? Parked just as he should be, confined to a single space. I easily parked right next to him. Even the little red car that often parks ON the line was perfectly aligned in its space. Wow.

The bigger shock was that the bus pulled from the station ON TIME. Now, this is the driver who is late every day. Must have been some kind of shake-up while I was away. Of course, it has been a week since I rode the bus. (Last Friday, I drove.) Interesting developments.

It will be fun to see if anything has actually changed at the office. (or maybe not fun; I guess I’ll find out.) I know that I have at least one package waiting for me. (TWO Slice cartridges. Those were my most recent purchases. I haven’t bought any in more than a week. I may start twitching soon.)

Side note: I got quite a deal on that purchase because I turned some long unused gift cards into credit using It was quick. It was easy. It was painless. And they paid out the best of any of the three or four gift card swap companies I checked out. So, don’t let those cards languish until you lose them!

Yesterday, I was able to fill handle holes and sand cabinet doors. This reminds me, I never did tell you what I bought myself for my birthday. We’ve got a lot of tools to catch up on …


Kate@TwentySixToLife said...

You got on a bus that left on time??! You must be living in an alternate universe! That never happens!

Why S? said...

Quite often when I've been away from work for a while I return to things quite different. Actually, on my return from 3 successive vacations, co-workers had been fired in my absence. You never know what will happen when you're not looking.