Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Repair, Replace, Repaint

Sunday was the day of clearing and cleaning. I cleared the yard of its overgrowth and edged the entire front including driveway, walkway and sidewalk. Then, I had to sweep up the mess.

It was not fun. And not assisted by my neighbor across the street, who, after watching me dutifully clean up the mess I’d created on my sidewalk, nonchalantly used a blower to spew his debris into the street. (I refrained from reminding him that this is a practice prohibited by ordinance.) An occasional strong wind brought large chunks of it my way. Nice.

While I was mowing, Lawnmower Man was cutting my neighbor’s yard. (Which was nuts because he had just cut it on SATURDAY.) He did a weird zigzag as he reached the edge of property and without lifting the blade, drove into my yard. I said nothing.

I ran my mower down the row again, hoping to erase the curly-Q. Just as I reached the other side of the yard, he did it AGAIN. This time, the cut was beginning to resemble a crop circle. I swore, gritted my teeth and ran my mower back along the property line, hoping to erase his erratic markings.

I couldn’t believe it when he repeated his madman’s path a third time. “Could you PLEASE stop doing that?!” I shouted, but I don’t think he heard me. I went inside to keep from killing him.

I ate lunch before resuming work. After that, I washed both cars. It was a full day.
Monday was all about repairing. I repaired the shed. I fixed the drain on the bathroom sink and cleared a clog in the bathtub. I won’t belabor this point as I really don’t want to discuss the disgusting mess I took out of that drain! Let’s just say I get why plumbers are well paid.

I also repaired the shed and did some minor paint touch-ups on both cars. The weather was sunny and warm today (we got to 90) so my wishes for the weekend were met. However, I should have clarified that steady 20 mph winds, coupled with gusts well over 35 mph, were not conducive to anything I was doing or anything I wanted to do. The wind would occasionally flip the trim I was trying to sand and paint. I finally gave up.

The wind persisted all afternoon. Sometime after 5, it relented and I worked until nearly dark at sanding some of the last of the cabinet doors. It was not at all the day I had planned.

Today is about more routine things but not specifically for the house. I have to get up early, at least for a bit, because it is trash day, thanks to the holiday. I have to take cans in for recycling. I have to pick meds up for Toby at the vet. I have to take Pearl to the dealer for recall work and warranteed maintenance. Not sure how much time all that will leave me for anything else. Sigh.

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