Thursday, September 16, 2010

That Email Wasn't from ME

Apologies to the at least dozen people who got some kind of a weblink via email from someone masquerading as This D*mn House. Google acted quickly, shutting down my blog for a while today. (Imagine my surprise while trying to log in and being greeted with a "this blog has been deleted" message!)

On Gmail, I was informed there has been "suspicious activity" on my account. That's when I saw the email that went out to a variety of individuals that are apparently in my Google address book. I AM SO SORRY. I am not sure how this happened.

So, if you see that email from my email address and it's without a subject line and contains only a Web link, PLEASE DELETE IT immediately!


Kate R said...

Should I be offended that I DIDN'T get one, 'cause that means I must not be in your Google address book. Hmmppff! (stomps off pouting!)

Just kidding, of course.

Ty'sMommy said...

LOL I didn't get one, either. :) What the heck, NV? I mean, first the spam commenter from hell, and now this? You've had a bad run of luck with the blogosphere lately!

NV said...

Kate, Ty'smom -- I'm glad that NEITHER of you received it. Though it DID try to reach you, BethAnn! In fact, I don't think anyone did. (Message on the email said it was "permanently undeliverable." Kudos to Google for that.) I posted about this just to make sure. It was strange the handful of names it chose for that email. Not sure WHERE it got them from or why just those names.