Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Step Toward Organization

I eased into yesterday morning, but in its final hour, things took off.

I picked Toby's medicine up and then gunned north to take Pearl in for some work. I arrived ahead of my appointment -- and was there nearly 90 minutes past the promised time. But, in fairness, that place was like an insane asylum. They were apologetic and put two techs on the job to speed things up.

The good news is that it was a lovely day weatherwise and I was within walking distance of both a Target and a mall. I walked and walked and walked. I even got to browse, for nothing in particular, not something I do very much. I took the opportunity to pick up a no special reason card for a friend and MAILED it.

One thing I did happen upon during my visit to Target (pronouned Tar-zhAY)was pretty cool. It's a rather large accordion folder. Its cover is a collage of antique bills of sale, that's what really caught my eye. Isn't it cool?!

It had a notebook that matched it and I couldn't resist either of them. (Folder: $12.99' notebook: $2.50.) I thought the items were well priced.

While I was still in store, the longer I looked at it, the more I thought of our seriously over-burdened "bill drawer." I had to retrieve something from it the other day and I couldn't find it.

What I did find was a variety of crap and junk mail and long ago paid bill stubs. So, the biggest selling point for this purchase was its dozen HUGE folders. See?

These give you lots of options for organizing household items. I'm pondering a monthly system (since there are 12 pockets in total). Or, I could do categories like HOUSE, CAR, UTILITIES, WARRANTIES, HEALTH. Up to 12 different ones.

For things like utilities, I could purge the folder at least annually. And maybe biannually for all other categories. It would get all that crap and clutter OUT of the drawer, freeing up the drawer, and ideally, making the paperwork easier to find.

Another thing I haven't figured out yet is where the folder will live once it is filled. Hmmm. Well, I at least got through step one of trying to get organized and actually accomplish something during my time off. This purchase alone made my shopping adventure worthwhile.

And just a programming note ... I still have a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY going on. Be sure to enter soon as I'll be announcing the winner on Friday!


karen said...

I throw everything in a box. And than when it is full I start shredding . As I am shredding I remove the things that I don't want to shredd. I am hopeless. LOL! Love your find . I need one of those.

Kate@TwentySixToLife said...

Cool! I'm seriously organizationally challenged right now, anything that helps keep it all together is a good thing!

MonkeyGirl said...

Very cute finds - and the card was ab-fab! Love ya MEF!!!