Monday, September 13, 2010

Dead Woman Walking

I’m convinced that the only reason I am mobile today is through the miracle that is Tylenol. Even though the adult-proof cap was quite a struggle in and of itself.

And the only reason that I am on the bus is a combination of the traffic gods stopping me at only one light for a change (instead of half a dozen) and the previously reformed bus driver resorting to her old ways and is a few minutes late.

I hurt horribly thanks to more than eight hours of yard work yesterday. I took on the evil and way overgrown juniper bushes in the backyard, managing to tame five of the eight. (If I had my way, I’d have asked the Monkeygirls if they would do a repeat performance of removing Hell’s Shrubbery. But no. This vicious vegetation will be allowed to remain.) I do hate yardwork and needless work, like shrubbery, is the most vile.

Just as it was really starting to get dark, I rolled the mower back in the shed and did a look around to ensure I hadn’t left anything out. The mother, however, was undeterred by the darkness and continued her adventures in weeding. I tried to discourage her but opted instead to save my energy for something more useful. I hurried inside, lest I become dinner for the mosquitoes that were already biting while the sun remained up.

It was hard to get comfortable last night and the few times I managed it, it was impossible to stay that way. At one point I sprang awake, Not sure what awakened me but when I hit the snooze bar (which doubles as a light on the clock) it said 4:12. Just as I was getting comfortable and starting to doze, I was stirred by a very obnoxious train whistle in the distance. (The mother was recently lamenting that she couldn’t hear them anymore like we did at the old house where we lived a block and a field away from a trainyard. I wish she could have heard this one instead of me.)

So, I’m achy and sore, sleep-deprived and uncaffeinated. What kind of mood do you think I’m in this morning?

It's going to take a lot of Tylenol.


Kate R said...

Having been where you are in the past, if I was closer, I would deliver to caffiene & pain killers to you. Then I would slink away until they kicked in, lol.

Saimi said...

Who needs to exercise when there's a yard to tend? Every time I spend mowing, weeding, planting, trimming and picking up poop every muscle in my body hurts..The only up side I can see is saving on the gym fees!

Hope you're day gets better!

Kate@TwentySixToLife said...

Yard work is the worst. You deserve a medal for doing so much in one day!

Why S? said...

Ouch! If you were closer, I'd let you dip into my fresh supply of Vicodin.

Between other commitments and allergies, I don't do as much yard work as I once did but yard work is the only kind of manual labor I actually enjoy. I guess when it comes to pulling, pruning and cutting, there's something therapeutic about having permisssion to destroy.

My yard space is really so very urban-tiny. I'm sure if I had even half your hellish shrubbery, I would hate it too.