Friday, July 30, 2010

Hi, I’m Grumpy. What’s Your Name?

I love my job -- most days at least. But today, I was ready to throw the alarm clock across the room and just bury myself in the covers of the bed that I clearly woke up on the wrong side of. Ah, to sleep, perchance to dream ... It's just one of those days that's going to be nearly impossible to get going.

I’m writing this down: this bus is leaving the station on time. In all the weeks that I have been riding it with some regularity, this is a first. Granted there are mornings that it has been stopped by a train. There’s nothing to be done about that.

But not every day. And yet, the bus is late every day. Everyone jokes about it, sometimes wagering on the number of minutes late for the day, because the average is as few as two to as many as seven minutes. Every day.

I’m one of the luckier ones on two counts. First, I’m not trying to catch the train once downtown and second, I rarely have a specific start time. It makes me feel bad for those who actually have to be on time. Their only option is to go 30 minutes earlier as a precaution!

Each day on the bus station lot there is usually a gray truck and a maroon sedan already parked. Nearly every day, one or both of these vehicles are parked badly. Sometimes the truck takes up as many as FOUR spaces (though it’s generally two) and the little red car is inevitably on or just over one of the lines.

Seriously? Where did these people learn to drive?! A go-cart track?

Granted, I’m not the world’s greatest driver and parallel parking has never been one of my strong suits. But this is straight-in parking. And, as these are generally the first two cars on the lot, it’s not as if they have the excuse of having to adjust for someone else’s bad parking. AND the truck parks on the end, which has at least a one-foot margin between that space and the sidewalk that it NEVER uses.

Being grumpy this morning (you noticed the title of the post, right?), it took an incredible amount of restraint to not leave a note on the truck saying: “Would you mind sharing the parking lot with the rest of us?” I could see it happening occasionally but EVERY DAY? That’s beyond rude. That’s going deep into a**hat territory!

And of course I’m grumpy because I’m tired. It’s been a long week. So long that I did NOT get any of my prep work done and here it is Friday. So, that is jeopardizing my game plan for the bathroom. The best laid plans and all that crap.

Wait … did I just say it’s Friday? Hey, it IS Friday! Having said that (and unloading all of the above) I’m feeling a little better already. Happy Friday, everyone!


Vicki said...

Oh N! This is the perfect way to make a point and to make a crappy situation funny! Print out LOTS of your "could you learn how to park" signs (several per page) and leave one every morning! Stuff like that makes me laugh! Have a great weekend!

Why S? said...

Leave a note. What the hell? I leave notes on cars all the time. Granted, I realize it's obnoxious. I also realize that I do it because I find it a little amusing to get my snark out there to the unsuspecting public. But go ahead. You'll feel better. Print some up so you'll have them at the ready.

No reason you should tolerate a**hats.

Kate R said...

"...get my snark out there..." I LOVE that. And I agree about the signs, but unfortunately @sshats like that would park even worse after receiving the notes, just out of spite.

NV said...

V -- There used to be this little business cards that said something about how bad the person parked and gave you multiple choice boxes for you took up enough space to accommodate: a) a 20-mule team, b) the population of New York, etc.

Why -- I LOVE it! A**hats be d*mned!

Kate -- You're probably right. He would probably go back to taking up FOUR spaces.