Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hotter Than July

I swear if I hear someone use that phrase just one more time -- I may be forced to smack them. It can't be hotter than July people. It IS July and it is friggin' ROASTING!

It’s barely 6 a.m. and it’s already 84 degrees. That’s a full four degrees warmer than yesterday. Even so, when I left work yesterday it was 94 degrees and the heat index was 109. (It was still 110 in most areas by the time they got to weather during the six o’clock news.)

Funny thing is that I lunched with some coworkers yesterday outside on one of our building’s patios. It was shade-covered and while it was hot, there was a breeze and it wasn’t unpleasant. Go figure. I think we’re just spoiled based on recent summers. Except for June, we had a pretty good summer last year at least where temps are concerned. This year, we seem to have gone full-tilt in the other direction!

At least it’s cool on the bus. I had just enough time to throw some gas in Ladybird (at $2.69/gallon) and still arrive at the station just ahead of the bus. And that included having a cop behind me for the first few blocks of the trip. Pretty good timing.

We’re supposed to get storms this afternoon and evening and they could turn severe. I’m hoping not, but this is generally one of the side effects of extremely hot weather. One of the other unpleasant side effects: raging tempers. You see it in drivers even more than usual. And pedestrians are putting that extra artful dodge into street, trying to get in out of the heat.

The one upside as noted by the mother last night: a lack of bugs. “There is nothing stirring out there,” she said.

Well, take the good where you can find it. Speaking of good and hot (you just know I stayed up all night thinking up that transition ...)

Who likes SHOPPING? Meeeeeeee!!!!! Well, if you like it, too, stay tuned for details on my Sizzlin' Summer Birthday Giveaway. Who knows? An online shopping trip could be in your future ...


Karen Anne said...

One thing that would be nice is adjusting the top photo just a mite in height. Right now I have to scroll to see if there's a new entry.

julia said...

oh man. i can't begin to imagine what humidity like that must feel like. i live in long beach, california, and summer finally showed up here this week. it's been around 90 for 3 days now. the first 2 days had relative humidities in the 25-30% range, and today it's more like 45-50%. the difference sucks!

try to stay cool and i hope your weather improves soon!

ps - as far as the hotter than july thing goes, well... september is usually our hottest month!

Kate R said...

Our local weather people keep refering To our humidty lately as "Florida-like". Ummm yeah, there's a reason I don't live in Florida like most of my family. I HATE humidity, Florida can have it back. And having grown up in a rivertown, I feel for you. Living/working near any large body of water can make it that much worse.