Saturday, July 10, 2010

Trapped While Sitting

I have some running around I need to do but I can't seem to extricate my butt from the sofa to go and start doing it. Must. Get. Up. For a three-day workweek, last week seemed to go on FOREVER.

It's glorious outside though and is supposed to be all day. While it is forecast for a high near 90, none of that dreadful humidity that has been pummeling us for so long now. (That returns again tomorrow.)Should be ideal for car-washing and mowing.


Need to give a shout out to Kohl's, my new favorite store. Last night, I got a really cute dress, a watch and a pair of jeans for LESS THAN THE MSR PRICE OF THE DRESS ALONE! (Thanks to their 15 percent off your purchase deals. I even got $30 back in store credit after I added a few things for the mother and the house, too.) So, you know I'll have to go back next week to claim my $30 before it expires.


Did you get in on Ozzie's birthday giveaway? No? Well maybe, just maybe, I've got ANOTHER giveaway up my sleeve. Stay tuned for details next week ...

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MonkeyGirl said...

I have someplace to be this afternoon and the wait is killing me! I already did some laundry, edited some photos, posted to my blog, took the dog for a walk and I still have time to kill! Be careful out there, the humidity is lower but it will creep up on you!