Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just Outside My Window

Fair St. Louis wraps up today but the riverfront already was full of activity Friday.

I'd run to the bank and to run an errand when this outrageously loud noise began. Someone asked if it was NASCAR racing but this noise came from the sky.

When I looked up, I saw four biplanes flying in unison in the downtown sky. The Air Show! I'd heard it was coming back to the fair after a five year absence.

When I got back to the office, I hurried upstairs to find that I had something of a front row seat. Something only because the trim of my window generally blocked the death-defying dives and swoops. Even so, I did manage to catch a few decent shots.

It was hard to work with the noise and the occasional glimpses buzzing past my window. So, I devoted about 20 minutes to just watching the sky. (I was eating lunch after all.) The noise continued for a while after I'd put the camera down and returned to my work.

I'm sure they were a big hit this weekend!


kaypasa2001 said...

NIIIIIIICE. I'm totally linking to this post.

NV said...

KayO -- Thanks! It was SO cool to watch. Of course, if I was smarter, I'd have gone to the OTHER side of the building where I could possibly have gotten better shots! :-)

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Vicki said...

Those first two pictures are amazing!