Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Et Tu, Pearl?

Yesterday, I spent the entire morning in the yard. It was pleasant for about the first hour. After that, it was hotttttt. I was already sore when I started, so by the time I finished I was miserable.

The mother got a mid-morning call that one of her friend’s fathers had died. She is now the official flower-buyer for her circle so despite how bad she felt, she took care of that. Or, she tried to. Because it was a holiday, her favorite local place was closed.

By this time, I’d emerged from the shower and found my second wind. Because she had bothered to get dressed, I coaxed her into a little shopping trip. She was hoping to find a dress or suit to wear to the funeral home but no dice. We found a lot of other things though so it served as a suitable distraction for her.

By the time we got home and got the car unloaded, I was running out of steam. Still, I had to run to Hardware Heaven so I could get a few gallons of paint while the Behr rebate was still in effect. I made a few other stops while I was in the neighborhood and then gunned it for home. As I flipped on my blinker to make a lane change, the blinker began to “fast blink” in the dash. Sh*t. Not again!

Maybe you recall the fun I had a few months back changing the same turn signal , but on the other side. Now I get the joy of repeating the experience. C’mon, Pearl, it’s not fair that you’ve been dragged into the conspiracy. It really is as if the universe keeps throwing crazy little crap my way the past few days so I can’t get anything significant done.

Perhaps it will be safer to return to work. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow …

For now, I’ve got a lot to keep me busy. None of which will get anything accomplished on the house but I guess it gets stuff done.

UPDATE: During round one of today's errands, the turn signal started working again. I think the bulb is temporarily making connection. Perhaps this means this is a job that can wait 'til the weekend.

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