Sunday, May 25, 2008

Box Happy

So remodels for both bedrooms are on the to-do list. We're doing them in the same toille pattern.

There will be wallpaper on the top half and beadboard on the bottom half, separated by chair rail. Border is going up along the edge of the ceiling in my room. Carole is getting crown moulding. She is getting black, I am getting burgundy. It will look great once it's done. Looking forward to getting both done. Maybe by Labor Day ...

Another of the new additions will be a bunch of matching material boxes. Carole got them at Hobby Lobby on a recent excursion. She went totally box happy and got just about every one of them that she could lay her hands on. We were lucky in that they came in the very colors we will be using.

They will be great because neither room has much of a closet to speak of and both are rather small. These boxes, in a multitude of shapes and sizes, will not only match but will help with some extra storage. You've got to love that.

Maybe this is an option for your storage issues. The Stylish Nest tackled just such an issue in its blog. Joann's and Michael's also have a good selection of stylish boxes and baskets. One is sure to fit your decor.


Ann said...

LOVE these! Oh...Hobby Lobby...we don't have these here, but when I lived in the Midwest (Minneapolis) - I used to go there, and could pick up the coolest little things. Hope the digit is on the mend. :)

Dee said...

Great boxes! I would never remember what I was storing in them, but that's okay. Today I've been going through The Crap in the Basement, and it's really been fun, trying to identify things. hahaha - must be awful to be an organized person. ~KayO

P.S. I read a book that made me think of you a LOT. "Waiting for My Cats to Die," by Stacy Horn. Something about her wry observations just reminds me of you.

NV said...

ME - organized?! HAH! I wish.
I won't remember what's in them once I fill them either. :-)

It was just so cool that here is the very same colors -- and almost the exact toille pattern -- as what is going to be on the wallpaper and the curtains and bedding in each room. Couldn't have worked out better.

Anonymous said...

I. love. toile. a lot.

MonkeyGirl said...

I'm sorry - I have to laugh at your proclamation that you aren't organized - ha!!

As someone who has personally visited This D*mn House, I know better than that. You are one of the most organized people that I have ever met. Ok, sometimes you share a little too much of your brain to find what you are looking for, but compared to me, you are way, way more organized and eternally more prepared!

Aimee "Roo" said...

That is a great idea! And very pretty!

Thanks for thinking of us!