Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hand Jive

Is it possible to flip "the bird" to your middle finger? If so, I would very much like to. The swelling and discoloration persist and the injured midigit (my new word, a combo of middle and digit, pronounced mih-dih-jit) has been a thorn in my side all day. I can't very well take the Rx drugs at work since I'm betting they'd like to pay me to be conscious. And the Tylenol I took at lunchtime did nothing. Nothing.

The only thing that provided any peace at all was putting the thing on ice. I'm not supposed to do that for more than 30 minutes every few hours. So what's the solution?

The worst part is that the medieval midigit made my pinky finger hurt, too. Now, most of the rest of my hand has followed suit. I know … whine, whine, whine. As if I have it so bad. Especially now as I sit waiting for the Rx to take effect.

I found myself moved to tears last night by photos of the earthquake victims in China on the news. Incredibly, there are still miracles happening along the way. And people aren't the only ones who made it out alive.
Makes my pain seem pretty miniscule indeed. But, who knows? Maybe in the smallest way, the universe's preocupation with my hand will distract it from torturing one of those poor souls for a while.

It would be worth it.

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