Thursday, May 8, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?

What IS it about this week? ENOUGH already!

Let me clarify. It's not that it's been bad, really, just crazy busy and jam-packed with activity. And both Toby and Ozzie, who are both usually good-natured and not too problematic, have been babies from hell. Regular little minions of Satan. :-) I keep threatening to stuff both of them into the trash.

Is the moon full?

The grocery store was phenomenally busy. But, it was $10 day ($10 off a $50 purchase)so there was no way I wasn't going. You've been to the grocery store. You know how much stuff costs. And please, it's not that I'm cheap. I just really, really, really hate to pay more for something than I have to. It especially ticks me off if it's the same exact thing.

I've never seen so many people using calculators and redeeming coupons as I did tonight. (I started clipping coupons when I was a kid. My grandmother was almost religious about them.)If that isn't a clear indication of how tough things are for the public at large, I don't know what is.

I was pretty proud of myself. In addition to the $10 off, I had $3.55 in coupons AND I got a coupon for two cases of water. That alone is worth $8- $9. Booyah!!!

The downside is that there were people in there tonight who I know were spending every cent they had -- and probably more. One family in particular put a picture in my mind that I could have lived happily without. And it made me feel awful.

So I did something to make me feel better.

The post office sent a card last week promoting a food campaign that they do each year. They'll be picking up non-perishable items on Saturday. I set a bag out when I got home and started filling it.

I don't know what my neighbors will do. But when the mailman arrives at This D*mn House on Saturday, a bag will be waiting. Did you get a card for a similar drive in your neighborhood? If you did, I hope this was a reminder!

If not, why not run a bag past a food pantry in your neighborhood? Someone will be very glad you did.

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