Monday, May 26, 2008

Rain, Rain Go AWAY!!!

So, it’s the third day that I’m off -- and a third consecutive day of storms. I’ve been trying each day to mow and/or cut the shrubbery, but to no avail. Meanwhile, the midigit LOOKS great. So nice to have my finger back instead of a massive bruise attached to the end of my hand.

It still hurts though. Some dormant nerve endings have apparently awakened during the healing, and with them, some not so pleasant feelings. So having this time off has been helpful.

But now I’m itching to get something DONE. Anything.

I did round up some more bricks yesterday (100 more, baby, bringing the total to 320) and got the paint from the Behr sale that ends today. And bought food and got mom some stuff as she hasn’t been well for a while.

For now, I have stopped staring at my to-do list (with nothing crossed off) and resorted to watching TV, something I never get to do on a weekday! I got tired of watching murder and mystery and switched to something a little lighter like Jon and Kate Plus 8. If you’ve never seen it, they have twin girls who are 3 years older than their sextuplets (3 boys, 3 girls.)

I’m on my third episode and have been alternately wishing that I had kids and thanking God that I don’t. I think I would have been happy with the twins and just stopped. But hey, they wanted kids … And as my dear fantastic high school friend Cindy says – she, mom of an older girl AND triplets – “Which one would you give back?”

They really are pretty amazing. The mom can be kind of a b*tch. There are times I’d like to reach through the TV and pop her one, so not sure how the dad restrains himself sometimes. (I’m sure there have to be lots of off-camera issues because from what you see on the show, the dad is pretty great. Deals with it all a whole lot better than 99 percent of the guys I know would. They’d have already been years past divorce court!)

It's still cloudy, the radar is showing more rain moving in. My grass remains unmowed and I'm still watching.


Ann said...

I've seen parts of that show as well - and that, I agree. What I don't get is that she also goes by "Jordan" - so she also has this total alternate persona as well, which is just bizarre to me. And those ginormous boobs? Like a shelf. I wonder if she sometimes sets her coffee would be convenient...

NV said...

Um, yeah. Well, I'm the last person to be casting aspersions on someone's "twins." :-)