Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Long Weekend Ahead

Some of my colleagues are packing bags, heading out of town to enjoy the long weekend ahead. Not me, even though I'm getting a weekend longer than most. (Tacking a few days of vacation onto the holiday.)

I had planned to start work on the brick walkway but I don't have all the bricks and, more importantly, I'm not sure my left hand is up to the task. Partly, that's because the job includes tearing out the existing concrete walkway. Yeah, my purple/green/maroon still swollen finger can really swing a sledge! (As I type this, I'm laughing because I just got my first issue of This Old House magazine. They have a section called Around Your House and a promo says "The Day I set the Porch on Fire And Other Disasters." It SO sounds like This D*mn House!)

Lawrence is coming on Tuesday and I'm not sure what jobs Carole has picked out for him. In the meantime, I'll be doing some yard work and trying to get the first of the two bedroom projects started. And since it's Memorial Day weekend, there's a Behr paint sale, of course.

So, there is one big trip on my list during the next week: Home Depot, here we come.

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Ann said...

Girl, you need time off to heal your paw - you should milk that injury for all it's worth. You deserve some pampering. :)