Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Locked Inside My Camera

I finally got that "mystery roll" of film developed. It's funny because after switching to digital just over a year ago, I haven't had that same anticipation of "What'd I get?" In this case, it was more "What did I shoot?"

As it turned out, some pictures from Christmas 2006, a handful of shots of Ozzie and Toby (VERY cute ones, by the way)and finally, a few shots during last year's flooring project. In one, you can see the carpet still on one half while the new laminate is in place on the other half. In another, you can see how bad the dining room hardwood was and why I chose to not tackle resurfacing that.

Just another reason that BEFORE shots are great to have. Thanks to finding that roll of film showed that "durings" can be pretty cool, too.


Ann said...

Love the mystery roll. Thank god it was nothing incriminating, huh?

NV said...

Let's put it this way -- nuns probably live closer to the edge than I do. I think I'd have been pleasantly surprised if it was something incriminating. :-)