Friday, May 23, 2008

This Old House

So I got to look at my first issue of This Old House magazine. Can I tell you that I feel SO much more sane now? I am not the only crazy DIY-er out there! I feel like I have found my brethren. Except these people are serious. I'm an amateur at best but they make me look like I haven't even hit novice yet.

This whole issue was about different people and their projects. There is so much good information in there. I'll have to share some wisdom in a future post. Another great thing the magazine revealed was a new Web site for more of my kind, The site describes itself as being designed for the "dwelling obsessed." Is that me or what?!

Since it's supposed to be pleasant tomorrow, and really warming up after that (close to 90 both Sunday and Monday, with rain likely later Monday) tomorrow will probably be a yardwork day. Not just mowing either. I'll have to take on the shrubs. Need to buy some cheap plastic dropcloths to throw under them. That's the easiest way I know to pick up clippings. We'll just have to see how the finger holds up.

Once that's done, I can probably update the photo for This D*mn House. (The current photo is from last Memorial Day, and prior to last summer/fall's new paint job.)

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