Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where Is Spring?

It's been unusually cool and damp this year. I'm ready for the 70- and 80-degree days. We had more warm days in February than May.

Mother's Day is supposed to be pretty ugly. And I hate that for all the moms. Seems pretty unfair -- especially considering that it falls under Mother Nature's department.

I gave my mom her Mother's Day gift -- an iPod Shuffle -- about a month ago. I've never been good at hanging onto gifts. But I only did it this time because I was afraid she was going to buy one on her own. (She has a habit of doing this right before a major gift-giving occasion.)

I opted for the Shuffle because it only has four controls. (Carole has serious technology issues.) I got her a docking speaker so she could listen to it outside the car and charge it without a computer. It requires very few steps to operate. Exactly what I wanted.

She seems to have the car set-up down, but she still doesn't get the speaker. "I don't think it's working," she told me. "I tried to listen to it the other day and it didn't work. The light came on, but there was no sound." I quickly determined that the light came on on the iPod -- not the speaker. Maybe if that little button that says POWER had been pressed, the speaker might have come on.

You've just got to love mothers. Especially mine. And especially today.

Happy Mother's Day.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what we'll be like! With the way technology is ever increasing today I can barely keep up!

NV said...

I shudder to think. My mom though is notorious for making it 50 times harder than it is. :-)

CD said...

Both of my sons have me beat in the technology field. Jordan (13) constantly updates me on all of the features of my phone that I don't know about or use. My phone recently rang and I didn't know it was mine because he changed the ringtone. For Mother's Day the boys gave me a new digital photo frame. I also received it early because Drew (5) can't keep a secret. On Mother's Day, my Mom and Aunt were admiring the pictures and asked if we could pause them. I responded "no" when Drew bounded over, flipped the frame upside down displaying various buttons I had didn't know existed. He promplty stopped the slide show and said "Call me when you're ready to move on, I know this is too complicated for you". You can give Carole Jordan's cell number, he'd be happy to help us all!

Dee said...

It is possible that Mother Nature was giving mothers a guilt-free excuse not to work in their yards on Mother's Day. Or Mothers' Day.

NV said...

cd -- that is hilarious!
I may have Carole call Jordan OR Drew! :-)

NV said...

Dee --
I prefer Mother's Day since, at least at some point in their life, EVERYONE has a mother. But I like your theory.