Friday, May 30, 2008

Yards Are Nice ... Sometimes

I b*tch pretty mightily about yard work. And why not? I hate it. My grandfather always said that yards were useless. They would have a purpose only if they were "blacktopped and parked on."

The older I get, the more that old man's point makes sense and sounds good to me. But ... then are times like this evening.

Toby the Cat, desperate for friendship of creatures of any kind, was thrilled to at least for a brief moment have not one, but TWO bunnies in his front yard. He likes to sit in the front door or in the kitchen window and chatter at whomever or in some cases whatever (once, a plastic bag that happened to blow into the yard) will sit in his visual range.

I had just enough time to fire off a single shot before both bunnies darted over to the neighbors. Clearly, they came for the clover. The blacktop? That probably wouldn't attract too many.

This is what I got, shooting right through the full-view storm door.


Ann said...

Yay bunnies!!!! Love the furry friends. Here in AZ, they're leaner and less furry and we don't see them quite so often - I think bc of the coyotes and there is less foliage to hide behind. Cuties.

MonkeyGirl said...

You need to bring that digital contraption to my d*mn house if you want bunny shots. We seem to have about 200 that have taken up residence in our yard. They are bold too, they hop right up on the porch and slip through the fence to munch on all of the nice greenery around my pool. I guess I can be thankful that they haven't taken up sunbathing in the pool yet!!

NV said...

Ann -- Glad to provide you with a "fuzzy bunny" fix.

MonkeyGirl -- Here's a better idea: Why don't I keep my camera but bring Toby over to your house to visit with all your bunnies????! You know that you SO want to take a cat off my hands. :-)