Sunday, May 4, 2008

YorkieTalk Cooks

No. It's not a book on cooking dogs, cooking with dogs, or even exclusively on cooking for dogs.

The official Yorkie Talk cookbook is a compilation of more than 500 recipes for pet lovers and the pets -- primarily Yorkies -- that they love. (Hence the sub-title you see in the picture.) Inside this book, you'll find hundreds of recipes ranging from tangy appetizers to mouth-watering desserts. The books are $18+ $3 shipping and handling. All proceeds go to You can click here to buy one or just let me know and I'll make the arrangments for you.

There are some recipes, too, for those among us who -- either for health reasons or for fear of poisoning by substandard Chinese food products -- choose to homecook for our pets.

I discovered Yorkie Talk almost a year and a half ago when my own beloved Yorkie was seriously ill. I went looking for information -- where else? -- online. I found a minimal amount of information about the illness. But I did find a lively, fun, and mostly generous and kind group of gals -- and even a few guys -- who are in some cases even nuttier about their dogs than me! You don't even have to have a Yorkie to love this site.

The cook book was an interesting project. I helped edit recipes. I didn't contribute any. (What? The whole two or three things I can make?!) Even though I'm not a cook, there are some of these that I am just going to HAVE to try. It's a really good compilation for the experienced, novice, or relatively curious cook. It makes an excellent gift, too. And if you're looking for something different to cook for a coming summer gathering, this might be just the thing to get!

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Ann said...

Haven't gotten mine yet, but ordered one...cannot wait!! Dogs+food = HEAVEN!!