Sunday, May 23, 2010

Breakin' It Down

On Friday, I DID manage to sneak down to watch the initial efforts -- part of an actual ceremony -- to tear down that ugly ass skybridge across Washinton Avenue.

It was supposed to start right at 5 with the wrecking ball, but luckily, that was more like 5:10 before the wrecking ball got busy. First, there was a lot of talking, including some words from St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay.

In one of my favorite shots of the day, I managed to get a closeup of some construction workers still standing on the bridge before the action got started.

But then, the action got going in a big way! At first, I thought they'd hit wiring or something, but no, just some good old-fashioned fireworks to celebrate.

Look at those sparks fly! And the little guy who was standing in front of me, even covered his ears.

All they really did was smash out window panels. I'll be watching in the next few weeks as the structure itself disappears.

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