Tuesday, May 25, 2010

June 1

That’s the day the staples come out. They get to stay in for a whole 10 days.

I had to go for a “wound check” yesterday. All is well. I’m advised to “keep doing whatever you’re doing.” I’ll give all of you some credit for that. Thanks for the many well wishes. They’re working!

At work, I told the story again and again. I’d forgotten how convenient a sandwich board might be in recounting the situation.

It was fun to watch various people respond. Some of their efforts to not laugh made me laugh. I mean, it is funny. As one of my colleagues pointed out, “You manage to do all of this stuff around your house and you don’t get hurt. You try to give your cat a pill and you nearly get killed.”

My boss was appalled and sympathetic. “Do what you have to. Take care of yourself,” she said.

I got home shortly after 2 yesterday. I took a nap around 3. The mother was adamant that I not mow the lawn – even though the doctor said I could, recommending that I put a clean hat on for the job and wait until closer to sundown.

So, considering that I have the marathon project at Another D*mn House coming up this weekend, my grass should be jungle height by the time I get to it. I guess it’s a good thing that we’ve had at or near record heat the past few days instead of non-stop rain.

Maybe that will keep it from overgrowing!


Kristy said...

The lawn can always wait, it's better to make sure you not only overdo it; but take a little time to yourself. While getting hurt is certainly NOT a picnic, it usually gets you a few days of sympathy :-)

Jayne said...

Ditto to what Kristy said. Take care of yourself.

Vicki said...

All the better to mow your name into it!

NV said...

Kristy, Jayne -- Thanks! That was sure right.

Vicki -- That cracked me up.