Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dear Somebody

I hope you roast in hell, you cowardly spammer!!!

Sorry, everyone. I had to put comment moderation in place this morning. Many, many thanks to ty'smommy who alerted me this morning or God knows how many more comments would have been left.

WHY do people do this? I am SO frustrated at this second I could cry or smash the computer or both. But, neither will get even with Somebody. I don't even want to print here what I hope happens to the anonymous Somebody, you worthless sack of crap!!!!!


Karen Anne said...

Does blogger have any way help deal with this - to automatically discard spam by specified filters, or do you have to go through each comment? I have often thought that it should also have an "approved poster" feature, like yahoo groups, so once the group moderator decides someone is okay, their comments automatically go through.

Have you noticed the spate of comments on blogs lately that say something like, what an interesting post, perhaps you would like to visit my site? I mean obviously just slapped in there, the poster/software hasn't even read the blog, I'm sure.

(By the way, if I get one more email spam from idiots who have apparently bought some list that thinks I'm a teacher, I'm going to go nuclear. Grrr. Yes, Elsevier publishing, I know the list came from you, not everyone who visits your site is a teacher, you lowdown, sneaking...)

Kate R said...

Go NV!! No apology necessary. Not your fault that some low-life has nothing better to do than spam your blog. It's actually pretty pitiful, what a sad life they must live.

WHen I saw my inbox filled this morning, I knew it was not good. I didn't know how often you check your thisdmnhouse at gmail dot com email. (I should have emailed anyway, just in case, sorry!) So YAY! to ty's mommy for letting you know.

Ty'sMommy said...

Wow, over 400 comments??? I knew there were a lot, but since I was only getting notified on the posts that I had previously commented on, I couldn't tell for sure, but I knew it was gonna be bad. I'm glad I had a way to reach you to put a stop to it before it got even worse for you!