Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Screeching Halt

I almost had everything all ready to go when a voicemail message irrevocably changed my weekend plans.

It seems family circumstances have canceled the renovation plans for now. (Everyone's OK, just not able to do some of the needed tasks.) So, it would seem that I got a break today. And, I might even be able to get something done around here. It's just a little hard to shift gears as I was all set to do something else. Now I just need to regroup and refocus.

After all, there is that lawn that's threatening a take-over. Of course, the mother doesn't want me doing it with staples in my head. I may try to get out there a little closer to sundown as the doctor had recommended since it is in some desperate need to be sure!

For now, maybe I'll go out and sand a few cabinet doors. There's a project that, like so many others around here, has fallen off the radar screen for far too long!

1 comment:

Kate R said...

Sorry to hear your well thought out plans have been changed but glad to hear everyone is okay.

The mother & doctor are right, wait until it's cooler to tackle the lawn. I just came in from mowing & weedeating & I'm soaked. Luckily for me, my mower ran out of gas with 2/3 of the backyard still to be mowed.

I hope the cabinets to be sanded are kitchen cabinets, the ones with beadboard fronts. I am so looking forward to seeing how they turn out!