Thursday, May 27, 2010

History Corrects Itself

In a story-changing shocker, the mother called me with news as I was leaving work yesterday.
My godmother had called. The special-order flooring for this weekend’s marathon project was not in –and it apparently wasn’t coming in. Great. Now what?

But then, in the very next sentence, the mother tells me that the godmother said Home Depot will work with her. They will give her any floor they have in stock that she wants. She wanted me to meet her there. So, we did. I wasn't going to abandon her mid-stream.

She found one. Oddly enough, it was a DuPont cherry model that we had looked at initially. Hats off to Ted in the flooring department who patiently worked through the conversion. And further kudos because he is having the floor delivered (along with the baseboard, chair rail and a new commode that she bought last night.)

It’s all supposed to arrive this afternoon. So, we’ll see if it shows up, and if it shows up correctly. If it does, I’ll stand down from my prior Home Depot criticism. It’s good to see a company making good when they – or in this case, one of their suppliers – screws things up.

But, based on my experience of three years ago, AND this one, I’ll stand by the caveat from my previous post: DON’T BUY SPECIAL ORDER FLOORING or, if you do, make sure that your purchase is made at least a month before you plan to use it. Six weeks might even be a better rule of thumb.

That should give plenty of time to work through any issues in getting the choice flooring or to develop an alternate plan with another choice and still meet a targeted deadline. I know this is a rule I will never violate again!


Ty'sMommy said...

Wow! I have to echo your shock at this turn of events. It seems to be par for the course these days to have retailers turn their backs on you when purchases go wrong, so to hear of eager to make the customer happy really brightens my outlook.
Kudos to Home Depot....mainly for having the good sense to hire a great employee!

Vicki said...

Happy weekend! Looking forward to seeing the results.

Jayne said...

What a hassle! I hope the flooring is delivered on time and in the right quantity. Sounds like you have your weekend's work cut out for you.

Kate R said...

Murphy's Law. Had you not posted your previous bad experiences and just went about ordering from HD, history would have repeated itself. But since you DID tell us, Murphy said "HA! I'll show her!" At least, that's how it would've happened in my life.

I'll be keeping ALL my fingers & toes crossed that the delivery DOES in fact happen this afternoon.