Monday, May 24, 2010

Bride of Frankenstein

OK. Maybe a slight exaggeration. It's not as bad as that, but ... walking around with staples in your head tends to make one feel like it is!

I finally got to wash my hair last night. The experience was a mix of fear, disgust and relief. Fear, in that I was going to inadvertently do something to the staples; disgust at the aftermath the whole ordeal had left in my hair; and relief that I was able to get rid of more than 95 percent of it. (There's still a small area near the roots that I don't dare get too crazy with.)

Once I got it washed, carefully combed out and dried, I tried to do another top-of-the-head shot with the camera as that's so far been the only way I can see what I even did. I have to say that this round of pics looked much better than the first round. You really can't tell anything is wrong unless I tell you, or unless you happen to be standing over me and can see the small patch of missing hair on my right side, which only exposes a few of the staples. Oh, and the little greasy patch from where I'm applying Neosporin.

That's another thing. In the picture, I count SIX staples. The orderly said five, but he must have lost count!

I have to call later this morning for a follow-up visit to see if they stay in for seven or for 10 days. And I'm freakin' a bit about getting them out. Those numbing shots and then the first staple are still too fresh in my mind. While that experience didn't last more than a few minutes, it's a few minutes I NEVER care to repeat, thankyouverymuch!

J, the elder of dear friend CD's two boys, a stitches expert, assures me that "staple removal is easier than regular stitches." I sure hope he's right!

I also discovered that I have a bruise on both my left shoulder and left hip, both of which let me know yesterday that they can hurt nearly as bad as my head!

The mother wouldn't let me mow the lawn. We hit a record 92 yesterday and she didn't want me to get all hot and get the staples all sweaty. She's worried that I'll get an infection. She was worried about me driving. "You had a head injury." She's just generally worried. But that's a normal state for her. She needs to chill.

The best news of all is that it isn't this coming weekend when the marathon at Another D*mn House is set for. My godmother sided with the mother on yard work for yesterday so I'm guessing she wouldn't have wanted me running around like a crazy person at the restaurant. In a way then, I guess it's good that I got lots of rest this weekend! I'm going to need it.


Mama Martha said...

So sorry you got hurt. Just rest & relax this week, which I know will be hard for you. Staples are standardly used for head gashes now, unless it's on the face where they worry about scarring. You'll always have a nice scar to thank Toby for! Removal isn't too bad, at least not for me after both c-sections. J went through it at about 5-6 and he survived just fine.

Kate R said...

Glad to hear your injury is remaining somewhat incognito. It really surprises me when you have an obvious injury & total strangers ask "What did you do to end up like that?"Ummmm, gee, if I wanted everyone to know I'd wear a sign. LOL!

YAY! Being the trooper that you are, I was really afraid you were going to keep trying to go your usual 110 percent. Glad the mother & the godmother are slowing you down!

Ty'sMommy said...

OMG! Somehow I totally missed the post about your accident! Wow, you really did a number on yourself. I almost called you "tim the Tool Man', but for once, you weren't working on the house!

So sorry you had to go through that. ER's are a terribel place, especially on a friday night!

Jayne said...

What the heck?! I miss a couple of days reading your blog and come back to this news! Hope you're doing better now. Now to "read backwards" and find out what happened...

haley said...

So scary! Glad you're okay.