Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well It's Floodin' in Missouri

Today was actually the second consecutive nice day we've had. This month, nice days, much less two in a row, have been rare indeed.

I took advantage of Mother Nature's great mood to get in a brief stroll down by the riverfront. The river is supposed to crest tonight -- at 35 feet. That's five feet over flood stage.

I first went down to the main Laclede's Landing entrance. That's supposed to be two intersecting roadways there. And just beyond those chained poles? You're supposed to be able to park! There's also a huge Lewis & Clark memorial statue there that you can usually view at least some of. Not today. Not even the very tip of one of their hats (which is all you sometimes see when the river is up. Pretty good indicator of just how high the water is.

Look at the stop sign and the highway directional signs! Just to the left of the highway signs, what looks like a line, is the top a huge stone sign designating the St. Louis Riverfront!

Definitely looks like more of a boat launch today.

I went back up the road and onto the Archgrounds. It was a pretty busy place. There were some tourists but probably nearly as many people doing just what I was doing: using lunch to check out the rising waters.

There's no doubt that the water is plenty high. People were gawking, shooting photos and chatting on cell phones telling those on the other end about the scene before them.
I love that the sign tells you to park your RV, well, IN the river! Sure hope it doesn't sink.

But while the water is higher than it was last May, it's not nearly as high as it was in June 2008.

This is from June 2008. See what I mean? Of course, the river IS still rising ... I guess we could get there.


Jayne said...

Wow, the river's really high there. The Missouri was supposed to crest here (50 miles east of Kansas City, Mo.) this past Sunday at 3-4 feet above flood stage. We have flooded farm fields and a few roads underwater here.

Mama Martha said...

I was wondering how Lewis & Clark were faring down on the riverfront. Figured they had to be covered again!

Anonymous said...

Just realized how long I've been reading here. I think I remember those 2008 flood pictures! ;-)