Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Lost Day

I got up early. On a vacation day. A day I could have slept in.

We were meeting my godmother to pick out and purchase flooring. I've been on her for months to do this, so I figured that it would be worth getting up early.

I should have stayed in bed.

We were supposed to meet at 9. At 8:05, the phone rang. She'd forgotten about a 9 a.m. appointment that was free publicity for the restaurant. We were understanding. Not very far off being ready to walk out the door, but understanding.

We finally meet up with her shortly before noon. It would be almost three hours later before we would part after she finally bought some floor! I'd also found both baseboard and chair rail for both bathrooms. It's a major step in the Memorial Day weekend marathon.

This morning, I need to do a bunch of errands one of which is checking on some wallpaper. It would be great if our local little wallpaper store still had the particular pattern I'm after.

Wish me luck.

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