Friday, May 28, 2010

Two Words: PAINT SALE!

If it's Memorial Day weekend, you can usually count on two things: lots of flags and a paint sale at The Home Depot.

That's right! Get $5 off a gallon or $20 off a five-gallon bucket of Behr or Glidden paint now through Monday. (Some brands and styles are not included. Make sure you read the list in the link to be sure! That link can also get you to the site to submit your rebate online.)

In between all of the activity, I know that both This D*mn House and Another D*mn House will be taking advantage of this. We love Behr paint. I'm a big fan of their primer and paint in one, an offering that used to only be available in exterior selections. No more -- it now includes interior, too!

Glidden is good paint, too. Glidden is what was initially used some 20 years ago when This D*mn House was first transformed from a white house to a gray one. For its second painting several years later, we made the mistake of 1) going to a lighter gray and 2) using Sears' Weatherbeater. It barely held up a year and began to look as though we were becoming a white house again!

And, since it sounds like it's going to be beautiful weather around most of the country for this holiday weekend (drastic change for us as it usually pours), you've probably got something that needs painting ...

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Kate R said...

Ummmm, considering I have 2 gallons of interior & 1 gallon of exterior paint I bought last year that have yet to be opened, I think I should pass, LOL!