Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dear GM

Dear GM –

I really, really, really love my CTS and you’re to be commended for the successful combination of a sleek and classic sedan with a sporty design. Previously, I never thought that anyone under the age of 65 should or would own a Cadillac and, as I’ve still got a few decades to go, never dreamed that I would be among them.

But, back to the design …

Is it really necessary to make it virtually impossible to reach something as vital as a turn signal bulb? Really? Was it absolutely necessary to make something that should be as simple as opening a drawer as difficult as navigating the Amazon?

Those “pushpins” from Hell that hold the wheel well covers in place were nearly the death of me. And once I had those off, I had barely enough room to reach the bulb housing. And who in the hell decided to put in the owner’s manual something about “plastic clips” holding the bulb in? WHAT plastic clips?! I spent nearly 25 minutes looking for something that doesn’t exist!

I’ve owned or driven several makes of cars including Volkswagen, Chevy, Ford, Buick and Nissan. At one point or another, I have changed a bulb or headlight of some variety on every one of these vehicles. EVERY ONE! But NONE of them made it impossible to access the bulb or headlight to change it. No. It was a simple five-minute procedure. AS IT SHOULD BE.

This process even managed to confound a mechanic or two. (Of course, they didn’t bother to consult the owner’s manual either.) But me, I'm stubborn and I didn't buy the theory that both the bumper and headlight would have to come off to get to the signal below.

I’m happy to report that I survived the incident on my own, despite an inury. A putty knife and a pair of very thin needlenose pliers finally defeated the pushpins. (But not before my hand got pinched in the bargain.) And, other than the debacle about the plastic clips, the rest of the job was fairly simple. I’m very glad to say that job is behind me … until the passenger side decides to go out.

In the interim, I would recommend some serious physical torture for the person who designed the access. I think it should involve pushpins. LOTS of pushpins. And pliers …


karen said...

YOu go girl. You gotter down. We women can do anything. Sorry it was so hard. And sorry you got hurt.

Why S? said...

That sounds like my Saturn. I'm not mechanically talented enough to do anything at all, but I've actually been told by real mechanics "no, we can't change that bulb today. It's too hard to get to." Our common factor? Oh yeah, GM.

Kate said...

Add this to the long list of reasons why GM failed. Something as basic as changing a light bulb should not take a mechanic or a woman filled with pissed-off-ness.

NV said...

Karen -- Aw, thanks! I couldn't believe how tough those pins were.

Why -- Yeah, GM. Generally Mental.

Kate -- Thanks! Sometimes though the PO'ness makes the impossible, possible. :-)

Anonymous said...