Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby, What's Your Number?

The bad news: I could have frozen to death this morning. It was a whole 3 degrees (with a wind chill of -10) as I got ready for work this morning. Bitter, bitter cold. The kind I just hate. The kind that makes me want to pack up and move to a tropical island.

The worse news: The bus was practically without heat. I would wager my laptop put out 50 times the amount of heat the entire bus did. It would have been impossible to type with gloves so the laptop emitted its tiny bit of heat on my lap. We could see our breath on the bus and most of us remained bundled (including hoods, scarves and gloves) for the entire journey. There was a collective groan each and every time the bus door opened.

The better news: Never knowing how the office will be (extreme temperatures AND following an extended weekend), I dressed for bear. Had I not been so warmly clad, I know I would have frozen solid on the ride in. And, Ladybird did start, God love her, though the accelerator pedal was frozen! She was just under a half-tank so I stopped at the gas station (after getting there at a top speed of 20MPH.) I left her running while I paid, then came out and did a good scrape of the windshield before hopping back inside by which time the pedal was working again. She fired right back up after I put the gas in, too!

The good news (I hope): Pearl is headed to the dealer tomorrow. Hopefully, by this time tomorrow all will be well (including my bank balance). I don't like for Pearl to be a source of unhappiness. I want the joy restored now. Thank you.

Laugh of the day: Part of the OnStar service (which is what is telling me Pearl "may have an issue") includes a hands-free calling feature. You literally push a button and tell it what to dial. Viola! Instant call via your car stereo. Now that the mother and I both have cell phones, I can’t imagine why we’d need it, but I got some free minutes with it during the trial period AND they made me a purchase offer for additional time that was so stupidly cheap, I took it. (The time will carry over once I start paying for basic OnStar and I reminded myself of the many times I’ve left home without the cell phone or with a dead one. Hmmm.) Part of an email yesterday from OnStar provided me with Pearl’s “phone number.” Pearl has her own private line!

Maybe I really am too easily amused, but I am still totally cracked up by the idea that the car has her own phone number. Too. D*mn. Silly!


MonkeyGirl said...

When you decide to embrace new technology - you go all out! Cell phone, iPod and Pearl's private line! What's next - GPS??

Gene said...

You're reminding me one of the reasons I moved from the Midwest to California. (There were a host of others, but butt-freezing cold weather was one of them.)

It is a crackup that your car has its own phone number.

Kate said...

Does Pearl have a non-pub number? Or do you have to register her for the Do Not Call List?

NV said...

MG -- Yup! You know how I am. Slow to get to the table, but once I do ... The mother was all riled up about the turn by turn directions but ... by the time you pay for THAT, you can buy a GPS!

Gene -- EXACTLY! And yes, it is so James Bond-ish for Pearl to have her own line!

Kate -- That's a good question. I guess I'll be finding out in the weeks ahead ...

Kameya said...

Hi this is Kameya Shows from OnStar. We’re delighted to provide “Pearl” with her own phone number. OnStar is a great option for your needs. In most cases, OnStar has a stronger signal than a cell phone. In addition to hands-free calling; we offer services like Automatic Crash Response, roadside assistance and OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics which can be helpful when you are having vehicle issues. All the best to you and Pearl.

Anonymous said...