Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hitting Stride

I have always loved to write. It only seems natural then that my third career choice as a kid -- journalist -- would ultimately win out. At age 7 or 8, I was making my own newspapers on looseleaf, the pages strung together with yarn. Less than 20 years later, I was doing it for real for a newspaper I once delivered.

After more than a decade of covering countless council and school board meetings, court cases and even a criminal execution, I jumped to what journalists call "the dark side:" that's PR to the rest of the world.

I've been doing that for nearly a decade. During that time I've written countless press releases, media plans, bylined articles, case studies and executive bios, just to mention a few projects. But somewhere along the way I was doing less and less writing. And less and less of it that I found any joy in.

The blog, which is nearly two years old if I discount the initial three entries from 2007, has been a godsend in restoring some of my creative juices. But even so, something has been missing.

I've recently gotten some great opportunities to write again at work and part of how I've been preparing have been some of what I think are my best blog entries. They have had little or nothing to do with the house or with DIY or tools or most things you normally find here. So I thank you for indulging me those. And I thank you for the many kind comments you've left.

It's been invigorating and energizing and I'm hoping that my little writing exercises will give me the jolt I need for my writing assignments for work. It's a reservoir that's gone untapped for far too long. Here's hoping that the stream I've tapped keeps right on flowing.

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Kate said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying these posts. Not only are they a good read, it also gives us a little more insight into who you are on a more personal level. Thanks for sharing.