Monday, January 18, 2010

Engine Light -- OFF!

Here's hoping it stays that way. I spent part of the morning with Jim checking out Pearl. He did some tinkering but says the code could be a fluke. He reset it to see if it returns. Here's hoping it doesn't.

In the meantime, Pearl will have to go back whether or not the light returns. That's thanks to the blown turn signal light. Seems that Cadillac thought it would be a good idea to make it impossible to get to the d*mn thing to change it without a) removing the sealed beam headlight or b) putting it up on a rack to gain access to a shield under the car. Just further proof that nothing can ever be easy!

In the meantime, the mother and I are preparing to take off on a little adventure. I figured if the light is going to come back, the few miles from Jim's shop probably won't be enough to trip it. A 30-40 mile roundtrip, however, might be. So, I guess we'll see. Or hopefully not.