Wednesday, January 13, 2010


If thermodynamics is all about the conversion of heat and energy then let's hope it applies today in more ways than one.

Work is getting off to a good start in the new year (a momentum I hope continues to snowball). I just need some very serious energy conversion to keep it all in the air. Please, please, please don't let me drop a ball right now. Not now. It's too important.

And this week is getting off to a fabulous start in terms of temperatures with every day being warmer than the one before it. After 10 days in the deepfreeze where single digits ruled and wind chills plunged below zero, I open both arms to it. A thousand thank-yous for pulling us out of ultra-cold storage. (I always know when the cold has overtaken me when, on a morning like this one when it's around 20, I think: Wow. It's kind of nice out here.)

One thing I'm trying to do is to appreciate the little things more and to be more grateful for them. I think a lot of what's wrong in the world today is that we spend infinitely more time focusing on long-term goals or what we’re trying to make happen and not nearly enough time enjoying what’s in front of us, right here. Right now.

Not that having goals and working toward them is bad. (If it is, then my entire life has pretty much been wasted.) No. It just needs to be more about taking the occasional detour and enjoying the ride that gets you there.


Kate said...
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Kate said...

I was d*mn near delirious to see what "warm" temps we're supposed to get this week & next. Here's hoping the weatherman is actually right for a change!

And thanks for the reminder to "Stop & smell the roses". I don't do this often enough.

NV said...

Kate -- I know! The weather has just been glorious the past few days. Not that I've gotten to enjoy much of it, but believe me when I say I've been more than grateful for the chunks of it that I have. :-)

Anonymous said...