Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Can't Stop Shaking My Head

I'm going to pick up Pearl. Hope and pray for me that I get in ahead of any real snow.

Oh, she's NOT fixed. I don't even know if they changed the oil or rotated the tires (things which were supposedly coming to me free anyway). Do you see that vein throbbing on my right temple? Hopefully, it will stay beneath the skin and not pop free.

After yesterday's debacle, at 3:30 today I STILL had not received a call. When I tried to call, it was deja vu all over again. Hold Hell. Indefinitely. I opted to call the sales manager. After previously telling me to go through HIM for these kinds of things, he quickly passes me off to my salesman. About 20 minutes later he calls me and says,

wait for it ...

Their plan was to take my car to a GM dealer TOMORROW?!!!! WTF? I could have done that myself, DAYS ago. It seems that since I was last there, they are no longer a GM house. Since they aren’t a GM house anymore, they don’t have GM diagnostic equipment. (And I was supposed to know this, how?) So, they can’t run the code on the check engine light. SERIOUSLY?!

And for two solid days, no one could call and tell ME any of this?! And they were going to take my car out in the aftermath of a snowstorm (assuming it arrives later, which I hope it doesn't and that it's all hype). NOT!

The saving grace of today is that in that in a very short time, Crop Camp will be one day and a matter of hours away ...

This is some of the craziest sh*t I have ever heard ... and for those who know me in real life, you know I've heard some crazy sh*T!


Gene said...

Amazing. I wouldn't blame that throbbing vein if it popped out, strangled one or more of the folks at the car place, then beat them with whatever was at hand.

dynochick (Jan) said...

That is a crock and here is why.

The diagnostic equipment (Tech II's)are updated with CDs every year. If they can diagnose other vehicle brands they can diagnose yours. I doubt if GM made them give back the CDs because anyone can buy the CDs. That's why your local mechanic can work on your car. Also any local chain automotive store i.e. Murray's, Advance, or Action Auto store can read your code.

My hunch is that this dealership is having trouble getting $$$ for warranty work or maybe they can no longer do warranty work. Depending on which brands they sell now, they may be trying to lay the ground work for you to buy one of their others brands indicating that you are getting inferior service because they are no longer GM affiliated.

Nothing surprises me with dealerships or car manufacturers anymore. The whole (foreign and domestic)auto industry disgusts me to no end. They all play games and think the buying public is too stupid or at the very least uninformed to know the difference. They already sold you a car and have no reason to believe you will buy another from them so why give you good service. They are too busy working on the next potential sale. Just like politicians....always looking for the next vote instead of taking care of the constituents.

In the past, I have had dealerships tell me the most outlandish crap especially because I am a woman. I had to act like a shrew once just to get them to listen to me. But that changed three hours later when they called me back to say my car was ready. When I picked up the car they asked me who I knew and was there anything else they could do for me. I told them they should treat everyone like they know someone and that I would make it my personal mission to tell everyone I know to buy their Cadillac and Pontiac vehicles elsewhere. That dealership is now closed and the building is a training center for a local community college.

Ironically, I live in the house of the person who originally started that Cadillac/Packard dealership.

Politicians and car salesman are the same...if they are talking, they are lying. I worked 33 years in the auto industry and I am embarrassed for the condition it is in. Many excellent and very talented people are paying the price for the actions of top level execs and dealerships that unfortunately are or were the face of the company.

This gives me a headache. Sorry.

Vicki said...

Wow, great information from dynochick! I HATE poor customer service coming from any business. Good customer service is not something companies worry about anymore, except Chick Fil A. They still go above and beyond, which really stands out when every other establishment (food or otherwise) is outfitted with endless Bon Qui Quis.

Anyway, give them hell and let them know you won't be "driving" any business their way. At least they'll know they've lost *some* business.

MonkeyGirl said...

Can I take Dyochick with me on my next visit to the Mazda dealer? On my first (and probably last visit) they told me that my car was broken and that is was "very technical" so I didn't need to worry about the exact problem and that I should just be thankful that they would fix it under warranty - grrr!

The funny thing is that while I don't understand everything about cars my occupation and my actual title includes the term "technology" so I'm not a dumb blonde (or brunette or redhead depending on my current mood)!

Karen Anne said...

dynochick "Politicians and car salesman are the same...if they are talking, they are lying."

I love it :-) I was on a Democratic blog I participate in the other day, just after Nancy Pelosi said the healthcare bill will have a "better" feature than the public option, and people were screaming. Some guy comes in and says, you're all Democrats, do you think the Democratic Speaker of the House is lying?

I couldn't believe anyone would actually post that. Like, do I any longer believe any politician in the country, with the exception of a few I can count on the fingers of one hand, tells the truth?

sewwhat? said...

Shake the dust of that place off your shoes and go elsewhere! Let your feet do the talking.