Sunday, January 3, 2010

Touchdowns, Dashboards and Laundry

My brain is all over the place today so why shouldn't blog posting follow suit?

The year is getting off to a questionable start. After finally getting OnStar active (with a three-month free trial) I got an email telling me that the first diagnostic done on Pearl shows "there may be an issue with the emissions system requiring attention." Great. I have had the car exactly eight months (yesterday) during which I've not yet put 4,000 miles on it. And I now have a warning light on my dashboard. Sweet.

So, tomorrow I will have to call the dealer. I needed to get an appointment for 50,000 mile maintenance anyway. Here's hoping this isn't going to be ugly.


Now for some good stuff, in no particular order.

When the weather was on earlier they happened to say "on your third of December" and it happened to trigger in my brain that TODAY is the Plumbelieves' triplets' birthday! Happy birthday MLB! I absolutely cannot believe it's been 10 years already. How did THAT happen?!


After more than a decade of mediocre football, the Cowboys clinched the NFC East today! Not only did they win, they BLANKED the Eagles. I was stunned -- but in a very good way. They just need to do it again next Sunday!


I did laundry this morning and quite a lot of it, too. It was easier to put some of it away as it went directly into a suitcase, in preparation for Crop Camp which is now just a few days away! With laundry done and almost all my clothes for the weekend actually in a suitcase, this means that I am now 90-95 percent ready for the weekend. So psyched I can hardly stand it.

With a five-day workweek, bitter cold and now this crap with Pearl standing between me and the weekend, I have a feeling I'm going to need it more than ever.


MonkeyGirl said...

My laundry is done, pictures are printed and I started to think about what I am going to work on - so while I refuse to define the exact percentage, let's just say that I am way more prepared than normal!

Karen Anne said...

Is Pearl under warranty?

In my experience with my old cars, emissions stuff is, cross fingers, usually fixable in a day.

Victoria said...

Awe. I hope things get better and your week passes quickly. Hows that bathroom coming? :)

cd said...

I'm sure you tried this - but with my car the gas cap has to be turned and click three time or I get an emmisions message. Hope that's all it is.

NV said...

MG -- You go, girl! i'm proud of your over-the-top preparedness this year.

Karen Anne -- Yes, but the extended GMPP. (The OEM just went at 50K or about 600 miles ago.)

Victoria -- Um yeah. That bathroom. SO not thinking about it right now. :-)

CD -- Yep. One of the first things I tried. No dice.

Anonymous said...