Wednesday, January 27, 2010

IF I Had THAT Hammer …

My tool love is well-documented, so it shouldn’t be a big surprise that I’m throwing my hat in the ring of yet another contest to try and win one. And the fun part is that you can, too!

Todd over at Home Construction Improvement is giving away a Craftsman Auto Hammer. Todd tells us that this little baby “removes the need for a hose or cord and uses the power of a 12 Volt Lithium-Ion battery to nail nails up to 3.5-in. in length with the press of a trigger.” And even with the battery, it weighs less than 2 pounds! Sounds like love to me.

I’m thinking there are plenty of uses for a small, battery-powered, handful of SMACK-IT around This D*mn House. I’m thinking it could:
· Take care of the dozens of finishing nails I’ll be using to complete assembly of the new kitchen drawer fronts.
· Make quick work of some replacement picture-hanging that needs doing.
· Install ceiling and floor trim as part of the long-awaited bathroom project activities.

And now that there’s Another D*mn House in my life to think about, I’m sure there are 100 other things I could use it for. Wish me luck and/or get in on the contest yourself. What would you use it for? Think about it and enter by Feb. 5.


karen said...

Good luck.

Karen Anne said...

Awhile back a beautiful screwdriver I'd had like forever developed legs when I left it outside for a short time. So after saying various bad things (I saw the guy who took it, but didn't get out there in time to stop him), I went on ebay looking for its clone :-)

I haven't found it yet (it's a big old Bridgeport with an Amberlite handle), but I discovered that they sell great old hand tools over there for like nothing. Who could resist? No cheap breakable plastic junk, and it's made in America. Now I have more beautiful screwdrivers and more impressive wrenches and oh dear too many tools... A problem seems to be developing.

Karen Anne said...

p.s. plus it's depressing that we no longer make this stuff.

Granna Girl said...

My husband tried to buy me one of those bad boys for Christmas but they were sold out. I would LOVE to be the winner of this fine hammer!!