Monday, January 25, 2010

Engine Light: ON!

I couldn't believe it. As I was taking Mrs. B. and S home Friday night, the engine light returned.

I'd driven somewhere between 175 and 200 miles since Jim had cleared it on Monday. After driving roughly half that distance just on Monday without a recurrence, I thought for sure it was a fluke. Apparently not. Something is wrong.

A few things it might be:
  • A failing oxygen sensor. (EXPENSIVE)
  • An ailing air filter. (NOT expensive.)
  • A hole in a vacuum hose. (MIGHT be expensive as you have to remove a bunch of stuff to GET to the hose to check it out.)

Would be great if it were something as simple as an air filter. My luck, however, is usually not that good. I'll call Jim tomorrow and see when I can get it back in the shop. Besides, I can't WAIT to tell him about my victory with the turn signal.


Karen Anne said...

Speaking as an automobile ignoramous, I know the air filter in my car is right on top of the engine, easily accessible.

Could you just take a look at yours and see if it's clogged up? I assume that would be a quick fix, just replace it? Or has GM hidden it under a bunch of stuff?

Kate said...

I am sooo hoping for your sake it's something inexpensive!

Geez woman, you've already got This D*mn house, maybe This D*mn Restaurant & now This D*mn Car?!?!

NV said...

Karen Anne -- I don't think it's the air filter. After much research and a long discussion with the mechanic, it's something emission-related. Possibly the purge solenoid.

Kate -- Thanks! Me, too. And I just might luck out.

Anonymous said...