Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ladybird to the Rescue

To say I was annoyed last night would be a little bit like saying that Charles Manson had a bad day. I was ready to chew glass.

It wasn't that Pearl was not ready to be picked up. That was disappointing. No, the angry part came from the fact that I had to call FIVE times during the course of about 90 minutes and during which I was put on hold EVERY time ... and left there ... indefinitely. By that time I was really getting mad.

Could they not have called me and told me they wouldn't have the car until Wednesday? As it was, I had made arrangements to get a ride out there and was holding up someone else. All in all, the sheer rude factor pushed my indignant button. This is no way to run a business. I fully plan for this to be my last dealings with these people. Before I leave, they will know why, too.

So, I had to ride the bus all the way home, collect Ladybird, drop off S so she didn't have to walk in the frigid cold, and then go about my errands. We're due for snow tonight and I'll be damned if I'm going to be running around in it any more than I can help. God bless Ladybird. She performed more than admirably!

So, here's hoping that I get some satisfaction today. And that I have my Pearl back home safe and sound tonight before this snowstorm hits.


Kate said...

After having worked in customer service for most of my life, it is a HUGE pet peeve of mine to get lousy service. But the really sad fact is, a LOT of companies just don't care anymore, which I think in THIS economy, is a MAJOR mistake. When a major corporation I used to work for started heavily discounting their services, their attitude was - you get what you pay for. And we were reprimanded if we did any more than the bare minimum to help a customer.

I hope Pearl is fixed & that it wasn't anything major. TG for Ladybird!

Vinnie said...

I am amazed how some companies continue to opperate these days! For some it's almost a requirement to be rude.

I feel your pain! I hope tomorrow is a better day - you give them hell!!

Anonymous said...