Tuesday, January 26, 2010


For weeks, I've been grumbling about the real estate people at Uncle Bill's house. I'm not likely to stop anytime soon.

For one of those weeks, they repeatedly left a pocket door blocking the kitchen and entire upstairs from the basement and sunroom (the latter two both unheated) open. At first, it was open just a crack. Then, for days it was left half to completely open.

Then, they left the front door unlocked -- one time not even closing the door!

So, my godmother gave them a firm talking to. Tonight they went from leaving the doors open and unlocked to locking the place up like Fort Knox.

I couldn't get to the back door to open it because the storm door was locked up tight. I found the front door the same way.

The bad part? No one knows where the keys are, if they even exist.

So I guess the realtor is going to be paying for a locksmith.