Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today, the temperature is 4. Four. That's a baseball score -- NOT a temperature!

It could be worse though. I could be in International Falls, Minn., where it was -18. OUCH! Tomorrow night, we get snow. First, I heard 2 inches. Then, I heard 2-4. This morning: 3-5. Yeah, January, I'm not liking you!

Admittedly, today's commute was much better than yesterday's. Today, I drove Pearl to the dealership. Pearl warms up in a matter of miles. And I have the comfort of a heated seat while I wait! Then, the dealership brought me to work in a heated van. Yeah, WAY better than yesterday on both counts.

Luckily, I should have Pearl back (hopefully fit as a fiddle) tonight and can do all the pre-snow running tonight. We are forever out of something it seems.

So, wherever you are, here's hoping you're safe and warm.


Shane and Casey said...

4 degrees isn't too bad for here (ND), sadly. We haven't been above zero for almost a week now. A couple days ago the high was -15* and we woke up to -32*. 4 degrees sounds like a vacation right about now :)

Kate said...

Yeah, I'm soooo over the bitter cold. Out of pure fear of what my next gas bill would be for my heat, I called today & enrolled in the budget plan. How sad is that?

NV said...

S&C -- OK. I no longer feel THAT bad. But it is still cold here!

Kate -- Yeah. I'm going to be gritting my teeth when I open up that next bill!

Anonymous said...